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How to get more views for your real estate listings

How to get more views for your real estate listings

Every real estate agent’s goal is to get more views to their real estate listings, get more prospects and close more deals. However, the real estate business is a competitive niche with lots of real estate agents and sellers looking to reach the same goals.

According to statista in 2017, there were 6.12 million homes sold in the U.S. and this figure was projected to increase to 6.44 million in 2019.

These figures can look scary and are surely a testament to the level of competition to expect for this year. However it is also good news for any serious minded real estate agent and is more of a guarantee of sales but this can only be possible if you are well positioned to be at the forefront of the market and ahead of the competition.

Do you have an apartment for rent or home for sale?


In order to position your real estate business properly you have to follow and act upon these tips diligently:

Create well detailed descriptions

You might be a busy person and may assume that writing a brief description about the home for sale or apartment for rent is enough. Well you need to think again.

Writing a well detailed description of your real estate listing will go a long way in convincing your prospect into taking a second step and coming for inspection.

Your buyer might be looking for specific details while searching for homes or apartments which your real estate listing actually offers but for the simple fact that you did not bother to include this detail in your description is enough to lose that prospects interest. Never assume that certain details can be left out till the actual inspection. Ensure you include every possible details in your real estate listing description.

Also do a keyword research to find out what your potential buyers are searching for so you can tailor your description to include these keywords. This will help attract organic traffic to your real estate listing.

Use high quality photos

It is not uncommon to come across real estate listings online with blurry or low quality pictures.

Remember, your real estate listing is the first thing clients searching for homes for sale or apartments for rent will come across and usually it gives them a first impression about the seller or agency behind the ad.

Invest in a smartphone with a high quality camera or a good quality professional camera to take professional, sharp and clear pictures for your ads. You can even take it a step further and take lessons online on photography or better still hire a professional photographer to take top quality photos.

Let your pictures get your prospects say, “oh wow” and not just simply click on “next”.

Share on social media platforms

This cannot be overemphasized. Millions of people browse the internet daily and as a real estate agent it gives you the opportunity to reach millions of prospects searching for homes for sale and apartments to rent to your real estate listings.

It is a good idea to create as many social media profiles for your business on as many social media platforms you can find as your buyer or renter can be anywhere.

Have professional profile pictures and banners done because like we have mentioned already your online profile and real estate listings are more or less the first contact with your prospective buyers. So get it right!

We have ensured to add as many sharing buttons and you can use them to share your real estate listings on as many social media platforms as possible. Feel free to use them.

Be consistent

Sometimes it can be frustrating when you create listings, share on social media and still you don’t get the response you are expecting.

Statistics have shown that it takes an average of 7 times for a buyer to view an ad before they make a purchase or in this case decide to inspect your real estate property and eventually rent an apartment or buy a home.

So it is important you keep doing what you are doing constantly every day until you reach your desired results.



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